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Yangzhou sanxin hydraulic machinery co., LTD is located in the famous historical and cultural city, national excellent tourism city in the east suburb of yangzhou city, relying on the intersection of beijing-shanghai high-speed and high-speed ningtong expressway, as well as the runyang bridge highway, traffic is very convenient. Company also joined the national well-known enterprises - jiangsu express group koyo plant, production overhead working truck. Region of northern jiangsu of jiangsu province is the only company set research, development, production as one of the aerial work platform of professional manufacturers, the company produces the series folding boom lift platform, shear fork lift platform, the work high above the car, is widely used in electric power, communication, street lamps, traffic, traffic police, cable television, architecture, landscape, advertising, highway, large corporations, and other fields, because the machine movement is convenient, the operation is simple, operation is big, the balance performance is good, can not only four leg support at the same time, also can adjust one leg, so particularly easy to use under the condition of the pavement uneven.

I recently launched it will GKT series diesel engine, electric dual-use rotary elevator, new products and development, production out of battery car crank arm type aerial work platform, its characteristic is to use battery drive, battery lift, CVT, users of the aerial work safer, more convenient, greatly reduce the noise, environmental protection and energy saving.

The user's need is our pursuit, the company according to the different needs of users, the technical requirements and continuously improve products quality, to adapt to the working environment and features of different users, to realize the safe, fast and efficient for the user to provide a reliable guarantee.

At present, the company's products have been all over the country in most areas, increase in our after-sales service strength, good after-sales service also hand, by the vast number of customers approval, choose three xin will make you look carefree!