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How can we be used overhead working truck maintenance work?

With the continuous development of society, the life of people more and more affordably, in order to save costs, many people will choose to buy using second-hand equipment, including aerial work truck. Small make up to introduce today is used overhead working truck how to maintain? The reader don't worry, please continue to look down:


Today's aerial work has become more and more normalized, so when a lot of people will choose to buy second-hand overhead working truck, after we buy back, in order to make equipment can run better, will it play to maximum performance, we usually maintenance of it will be very seriously.


First is we after complete buy secondhand overhead working truck, need to replace the "liquid" inside, such as engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil, and water tank with water cooling, etc., among them, our most easy to ignore the oil transmission in particular, we buy is older used overhead working truck, consistent with the oil must be replaced and manufacturers, to ensure the normal work of the whole oil.


If we buy the work high above the age of car has reached five or total length is more than seventy thousand kilometers, we also need to change the timing belt of it. Best able to connect on the pump together with its belt replacement. Do we have to watch the tyres, if wear serious, to be on the safe side, we need to replace the tyres. Especially for those who have used or has obvious flaw in the three or four years, we are must change, because the tire there is a big security hidden danger.


The above is the small make up for your knowledge of the interpretation of the work high above the car, the hope can help to you, if you need to purchase a overhead working truck products, can to our company to purchase, we will with high quality products and services to return to you for our support and trust.




Source: time: 2015-8-19 11:03:22